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Multiplication by Repeated Additions

Multiplication by Repeated Addition Definition:
This is another method, where the result of multiplication is the total number (product) that would be obtained by combining several (multiplier) groups of similar size (multiplicand). The same result can be obtained by repeated addition.

Let’s look at some “Examples of Multiplying by Repeated Addition” …

Let’s say there are 4 cookies (multiplier) in each plate, and there are 5 such plates (multiplicand), how many cookies in total (product) are there?

In this case we are combining 5 groups (plates) with 4 objects (cookies) in each group, we could arrive at the answer in two different ways, as shown below …

1. By addition: by adding 4 cookies (from plate 1) + 4 cookies (from plate 2) + 4 cookies (from plate 3) + 4 cookies (from plate 4) + 4 cookies (from plate 5)
= 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 20 cookies in total

2. By multiplication: number of cookies (4) X number of plates (5)
= 4 X 5 = 20 cookies in total

For deeper understanding watch Multiplying by Repeated Addition Video, Multiplying by Repeated Addition Demo from below …

You can download "Examples of Multiplying by Repeated Addition" “Multiplying by Repeated Addition Tutorial” or “Multiplying by Repeated Addition Worksheet” by clicking on the image below ...


For more fun and practice try solving the following ...

1. If there are 8 cookies in each jar, with 5 such jars, how may total number of cookies are there?
2. If there are 4 tiers in each set, with 10 such sets, how may total number of tires are there?
3. If there are 7 pages in each book, with 7 such books, how may total number of pages are there?
4. If there are 12 students in each classroom, with 6 such classrooms, how may total number of students are there?
5. If there are 5 flowers on each pant, with 9 such plants, how may total number of flowers are there?

Still have questions??? ...

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